A Quick Favor for an Old Friend

Quest Giver Uncle
Region Beecher's Hope
Reqs A New Jerusalem
Reward $150 bank loan repaid

A Quick Favor for an Old Friend is a Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This is one of the "Main Quests" of the game and players must complete it to advance the Story. Completing Story Missions opens up Stranger Missions as well as additional content throughout the game.


A Quick Favor for an Old Friend Mission Details

With more and more debts and a barn to buy, John decides to to help Sadie to catch Ramon Cortez, a wanted criminal, and bring him back in the hands of justice. 


A Quick Favor for an Old Friend Objectives

  • Force Cortez's men to flee from Rhodes within 30 seconds
  • Get 5 headshots while covering Sadie with a long scoped rifle
  • Get 4 hip fire kills
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items



A Quick Favor for an Old Friend Related Characters



A Quick Favor for an Old Friend Walkthrough


Uncle's Brilliance

John Marston (you) finds Uncle sleeping under a tree, near to the newly-built house in Beecher's Hope. After getting rinsed by you, Uncle suggests you invest a barn to house sheep to bring in some revenue. He once again suggests to do so by using another "pre-cut" dealer that can sell you all you need for it, and even offers to make the purchase on your behalf.

Ride out to Blackwater with him, and once you arrive, speak to Albert Cakes. You decide on a barn then head over to the bank to ask Ansel Atherton for another loan. He tells you he can't help you with anymore loans until you get some money so you both leave, and by some miracle bump into Sadie Adler. She greets you and you ask her if there is any work you can do as you're desperate for the money. She mentions a high-risk, high-reward job so you both set out to Painted Sky, where this supposed job is and leave Uncle in Blackwater.


Miss Adler

Sadie tells you the target is Ramon Cortez from Del Lobos gang, the Skinner Brothers and more. When you arrive at the area of interest, there is a house and a barn. Sadie tells you to check the barn while she checks the other. Walk over to the barn, and either kick the door down or pick the lock. Either way, once you walk in and announce your intentions, Cortez will ambush you from the left with a tackle, and you'll have to break free from his clutches and brawl him.

Once you knock him out, Sadie will come and confirm his identity. She puts Cortez on the back of her horse and tells you that you're heading to Rhodes so follow her lead until a cutscene plays. At the end of the cutscene, you'll arrive at Rhodes and she'll ask you to bring Cortez into the Sheriff's Office. Place him in the cell and the Sheriff will ask you to wait for his men to arrive, that will transport him to Saint Denis for a hanging.


Deputies Marston & Adler

As you may have guessed, this wasn't going to be any standard monitoring job and his Del Lobos gang members arrive at Rhodes and demand you free him. Not one to take any nonsense, you kick the door open and begin the gunfight. Take as many of them out as quick as you can, to force the rest of them to start fleeing. Kill any remaining Del Lobos members, and you'll hear an explosion from the Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff will emerge and tell you that they've blown a hole in the cell and Cortez escaped. Sadie demands the bounty money from the Sheriff but he puts another $75 on the table to bring him back. She reluctantly agrees and you both set out on your horses. Follow Sadie's lead to Dewberry Creek. On your way you discuss the current bounty and a bit more about Sadie's views on bounty hunting. Eventually she'll tell you to stop as she spots a fire and is certain it's them. Follow her a bit more over until you reach a barn.

Climb the ladder to scope them out, then Sadie will tell you she's going in and will need you to provide the cover fire. Use a long scoped rifle for the best results and cover her. Kill all Del Lobos that you can find in your scope. Eventually she'll ask you to help her from the ground, so hurry over to her and do just that; kill the remaining Del Lobos and follow the point of interest to locate Cortez.

When you find him, you'll notice he's paddling away on a boat. Shoot the water around him to scare him into turning around. Once you do this, you'll tie him up when he gets back to shore and more of his cronies will show up. Shoot your way through them until they're all dead then put Cortez onto the back of Sadie's horse. Follow her back to Rhodes, and once you arrive grab Cortez once again and bring him to the Sheriff's station. The Sheriff tells you they'll take him straight to Saint Denis and will pay Sadie when they return. Your payment goes straight to the bank, to repay your debt.



Notes & Tips

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