A Really Big Bastard

Quest Giver Abigail Marston
Region Beecher's Hope, West Elizabeth
Reqs Uncle's Bad Day
Reward Trying Again

A Really Big Bastard is a Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This is one of the "Main Quests" of the game and players must complete it to advance the Story. Completing Story Missions opens up Stranger Missions as well as additional content throughout the game.


A Really Big Bastard Mission Details

 Sadie pay a visit to John in Beecher's Hope. They go together in Tall Trees to track a criminal named Marshall Thurwell. On the way, they talk about the other men that escaped them.



A Really Big Bastard Objectives

  • Shoot the bear 4 times as it charges
  • Headshot both the rival bounty hunters in Dead Eye
  • Complete within 7 minutes 15 seconds



A Really Big Bastard Related Characters



A Really Big Bastard Walkthrough


Old Friends

John Marston (you) speaks to Abigail Marston in the house in Beecher's Hope. You both speak a bit about the new living space before Jack Marston interrupts you. He tells you to come outside and you all see Sadie Adler arrive. You'll all talk and laugh for a bit before she brings up the line of work you've been doing with her, which as the past has shown, Abigail isn't too fond of. Especially when she mentions Micah Bell as a potential target. After some debate and compromise, you're allowed to do the job with Sadie, so long as it doesn't involve Micah.

Mount your horse and follow Sadie's lead up to Tall Trees. Along the way, you tell her about your plan to marry Abigail. When you arrive close to the destination, Sadie will inform you and you'll arrive at a destroyed campsite. You reckon a bear has passed through it and Sadie begins to track him down. Follow her until she loses the trail and asks you to track him instead. Go into Eagle Vision and track the bounty target. Follow it until you reach a broken down cabin.


Close Encounters

Here you'll find a mauled body, and after some deliberation Sadie surmises that this is probably not the target. You call out the name of the actual target, Marshall Thurwell, who is an accountant. He responds from inside the wrecked cabin and asks if the monster is gone. You're only able to understand what he means when a Grizzly Bear pops out of nowhere and runs through. Hold on to that sigh of relief for just a second longer because the bear is coming back and running straight for you!

Shoot it as many times as you can in Dead-Eye then if it's not enough to kill it, it will jump straight onto you. In the event of this, follow the instructions shown onscreen to survive the encounter. If you're too close to death, Sadie will shoot it and it'll flee. You finally get the bounty and Sadie knocks him out and you put him on her horse.


Go boy

Get on your horses and ride back down to the Sheriff's Office in Blackwater. On your way Sadie will raise her concerns about your safety now that you're a family man, and before you can draw a conclusion, you bump into two rival bounty hunters. They ask that you split the reward for Thurwell with them, and begin to threaten you. Before they can do much, go into Dead-Eye and see them off before they can do much else.

Continue to escort Sadie to Blackwater, and on the way you'll ask Sadie for more information on Micah. She'll fill you in on what she knows and will let you know when she has a solid lead on him. She tells you to get going and that she'll send your share of the bounty to the bank, to pay off your loan.



Notes & Tips

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