American Dreams

Quest Giver No one
Region Valentine, Big Valley, Scarlett Meadows
Reqs Unlocked in Chapter 2
Reward $20

American Dreams is a Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Stranger Missions are the equivalent of Side Quests, and they unlock as you progress the Story Missions.


American Dreams Mission Details

Arthur needs to find the three Murder Scenes to find the killer's hidden location.


American Dreams Objectives

  • Find the three Murder Scenes
  • Find the serial killer

American Dreams Related Characters


American Dreams Walkthrough

Murder Scene 1 (Valentine)

Under the train tracks facing towards Valentine, there are words "LOOK ON MY WORKS" on the rocks. The handing corpse is missing a head.


Murder Scene 2 (Big Valley)

Southwest of Wallace Station in West Elizabeth, there are words "DO YOU SEE? on the boulder next to the corpse.


Murder Scene 3 (Scarlett Meadows)

South of Scarlett Meadows and east of Braithwaite Manor, the word "BEHOLD" is on the tree right of the corpse.


Find the Serial Killer

This stranger mission is available during nighttime. After finding all the three Murder Scenes, head  southwest of Valentine to Lucky's Cabin and open the basement door. Inside, make sure to inspect everything for collectibles and then inspect the knife. After the cutscene, knock out and tie the serial killer, then take him to the sheriff in Valentine.

As the sheriff takes the serial killer (Edmund Lowry Jr.) to his cell, he attacks the sheriff. Use Dead Eye and kill him. If you are too slow, the sheriff will take care of the criminal and you will not be rewarded with the $20.


American Dreams Location Maps RDR2

Murder Scene 1 Map Location


Murder Scene 2 Map Location


Murder Scene 3 Map Location


American Dreams Starting Map Location



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