American Standardbred

Scientific Name Equus Ferus Caballus
Horse Type Race
Family Equidae
Price 150.00
Handling 60
Courage 20
Speed 60
Acceleration 40
Stamina 60
Health 60

American Standardbred is a Horse Breed in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Horses are special creatures used as transport with different performance based on breed, and players can also Bond with them for enhanced features.


General Information

American Standardbreds are racehorses, identified by their agile frame, powerful limbs, and a healthy coat. Both Black and Buckskin coats are found in the wild. A Palomino Dapple and a unique silver tail Bucksin can also be purchased. This breed handles well, is easy to train, but can be frightened by loud noises. They are healthy, and their average Stamina allows them to maintain a fast pace for a long time.

 American Standardberd horses are one of the fastest breed making them excellent for racing.


Locations & Acquisition

You can find the American Standardbred horse at ??




Please see Horse Tack for a list of Saddles, Stirrups, Horse Provisions and more that you might use.

Please see Horse Grooming for images of possible styling for your horse's Mane and  Tail.


Horses Under This Breed






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