American Venom

Quest Giver Abigail Marston
Region West Elizabeth
Reqs All Previous Missions
Reward Blackwater Job Money

American Venom is a Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This is one of the "Main Quests" of the game and players must complete it to advance the Story. Completing Story Missions opens up Stranger Missions as well as additional content throughout the game.


American Venom Mission Details

Sadie knows where Micah might be : Cleet was seen in Strawberry. Despite Abigail's protestations, John, Sadie and Charles decide to go there and interrogate him to catch their old friend.



American Venom Objectives

  • Help Sadie catch Cleet within 35 seconds
  • Headshot the sniper who shoots Charles
  • Complete with at least 85% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items



American Venom Related Characters



American Venom Walkthrough


Conflict of Interest

John Marston (you) heads into his home in Beecher's Hope and sees Jack Marston reading to Uncle. Abigail Marston enters and you all exchange some light-hearted dialogue before you're called out by Charles Smith. When you go outside you find him and Sadie Adler, and they tell you they managed to track down the location of one of Micah Bell's associates, Cleet, to Strawberry. A pleading Abigail begs you to let it go, but due to the events of Red Dead Redemption, you simply can't.

Get on your horses and ride out to Strawberry with Sadie and Charles. On your ride, they tell you their plans to leave the country. When you arrive at Strawberry, Sadie will tell you to look for Cleet across the bridge. When you enter the area of interest, you'll almost immediately find him and call him out, he'll obviously run so chase him until either you catch him, or Sadie cuts him off.

She beats him for a bit before giving you control. Beat him to try to get some answers but as you'll find out soon enough, he wont talk, so drag him to the gallows and once you get to its stairs, intimidate him with your gun to force him to climb. Once you're up there, tie the noose around his head and head over to the lever. Scare him a bit more and he'll squeal; he tells you that Micah has his own gang and are hiding out in the mountains. Sadie now tells you to hang him regardless to which you have a choice: not choosing to hang him will reward you with some honor, and him with a headshot courtesy of Sadie's revolver.


Micah's Gang

Get on your horses and a cinematic will play, taking you three through the mountains. When you assume control, Charles tells you there's a watchtower ahead that they could be hiding out at. No more than a few moments later, he is shot by a sniper in the distance. He's still alive and tells you to get to cover. The sniper will be far ahead on the left, too far to reach from this distance. So as Sadie instructs you, use the rocks as cover while moving closer to him. When you get close enough, kill the sniper.

Return to Charles and he'll tell you to go ahead, and that he'll catch up. Proceed up with Sadie, killing Micah's gang as you go along. Once you clear the enemies, continue to follow Sadie up through some more enemies. When you reach the top of the mountain, you'll both get jumped by two men and after the confrontation, Sadie will get stabbed in the gut. She insists on you going ahead, and Charles catches up with her.

Continue on and shortly you'll be confronted by Micah's second henchman, Joe. He'll be with two other men, which gives you a good chance to practice your dueling so draw your weapon and quickly tag them. Once you kill them, you reckon Micah has to be close so continue on. There will be more enemies on this path. Kill them as you continue in the direction that they come from. Right before you pass through the creek here, you'll be jumped from behind.

Once all the enemies are dead, proceed to the area of interest, where you'll find more enemies. Continue up the path here and once you kill all the enemies, you'll find a new area of interest. When you arrive there you're tasked with the objective to find Micah in the new areas of interest, which will also contain more enemies.


The Big Bad

After killing a bunch of cronies, you'll arrive at a small shed. When you start calling him out, he'll emerge from it and after some aggravating conversation, you'll both pull out your guns and begin shooting. He'll take cover behind the shed and you behind some crates. Once you're stand off goes on for long enough, Sadie will flank him and force him to holster his weapon. When it seems like all that's left is to shoot Micah, Dutch van der Linde emerges from the same cabin and aims at the both of you and Sadie. As Sadie has a gut wound, she's overpowered and held in Micah's clutches.

You have a standoff against the both of them and after a long oral battle with the both of them, you convince Dutch and he shoots Micah in the gut. Still standing, he attempts to draw his weapon on the both of you, which you put a swift end to by using your Dead-Eye to get the edge on him. After being shot, he stands around a little longer before collapsing to the floor.



Before you leave, Sadie tells you that the money from the Blackwater job that got you into this whole predicament is hidden in the cabin they came out of. You find it and take it back with Sadie and Charles, to your house where you are greeted by your family. You tell Abigail that it's all over and you all rejoice, as happy country music plays in the background to bring an end to the game.

Unfortunately, the events of RDR proceed these in a few years.



Notes & Tips

  • The first part of the battle with Micah will end if the player survives long enough.
  • You can see what happened to some of the characters during the credits. 


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