Aquatic Transport in Red Dead Redemption 2 is any form of transport that allows the player to traverse over waters.

Aquatic Transport in RDR2

In RDR2 players will be given more access to traveling directly across waters, instead of being limited to bridges and railways to get to a cut off piece of the land, or explore the open waters. 


Steamboats have been seen in the previous RDR but only in a cutscene showing the player's arrival to a new town. This time, Steamboats will be available to use in a similar fashion to Stagecoaches, where you can pay the respective fees to your destination. 


Canoeing will be introduced in RDR2 as the freest use of aquatic transport as players will be able to navigate freely. This transport is also unique as it gives players the ability to Fish, and travel over water without getting tired too quickly. However, as they do in real life, canoes in RDR2 are susceptible to spontaneous sinking in the case of faulty carpentry; so while players have this new found freedom in the water, they mustn't get too carried away and stray too far from shores as it can result in drowning.


The days of entering a bed of water past the level of your head and instantly dying are behind us now as swimming is confirmed to be a mechanic in RDR2. Players will be able too swim for as long as their stamina allows them to but must be careful not to run out of it in the middle of a large watery area, as exhaustion will function much like in real life and the player may drown to death. 

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