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Consumables in Red Dead Redemption 2 are items that can be used up to fulfill several purposes, such as: replenishing health or increasing specific stats for a period of time. These items can be bought from General Stores, Doctors, or can be found in the open world. Typically consumables have charges or copies of the item that are consumed upon use. 

Consumable & Info Materials Acquisition & Value Effects
Medicine - -  
Potent Health Cure Ginseng x1, Yarrow x1 - Full Health restore, fortifies moderately
Special Health Care Ginseng x2, Yarrow x2, English Mace of Milkweed x2 - -
Potent Bitters Sage x1, Burdock Root x1 - -
Special Bitters Sage x2, Burdock Root x2, Violet Snowdrop or Wild Feverfew x2 - -
Apple - -  
Potent Horse Medicine Ginseng x1, Common Bulrush x1 -  -
Special Horse Medicine Ginseng x2, Common Bulrush x2, Wild Carrot x2 -  -
Potent Horse Stimulant Sage x1, Common Bulrush x1 - -
Special Horse Stimulant Sage x2, Common Bulrush x2, Wild Carrot x2 - -
Special Horse Reviver Ginseng x2, Wild Carrot x2, Parasol Mushroom x2    
Horse ointment Currant x3, Beets x3, Hay x3 - -
Horse Meal Currant x3, Beets x3, Hay x3 - -
Potent Snake Oil Indian Tabacco x1 - Full Dead Eye restore, fortifies moderately
Special Snake Oil Indian Tobacco x2, Currant or Prairie Poppy x2 -  
Moonshine - -  -
Vittles - -  -
Potent Miracle Tonic Indian Tobacco x4, Ginseng x4, Sage x4  -  -
Special Miracle Tonic Currant x6, Yarrow x6, Burdock Root x4 - -
Cover Scent Lotion Scent Gland x1    
Mount Deeds  -  -  -
Pardon Letters  -  -  -
Survivalist Map  -  -  -


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