Grooming is a feature in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Players can opt to customize their hair and keep clean in order to affect their looks and how they are perceived by NPC characters.


Grooming in RDR2


Hair Grooming

With an overall improved level of customization and realism, you can fully expect there to be no exceptions -not even with hair! Hair growth has been added into the game, if you fail to get a regular trim at the local Barber. This includes facial hair as well, both of which can be fully customized by visiting a Barber, or by locating the mirror to do it yourself at the Van Der Linde Camp.

In terms of realism, the game takes it a step further by only allowing you to cut hair off when customizing, as opposed to magically growing more for the sake of a look. This means if you've recently had a clean shave, you'll have to wait a bit before getting that sweet goatee you had in mind. 


Facial Hair

When trimming, facial hair will be divided into four customizable categories: Chops, Chin, Mustache, and Whole Beard. Depending on how much hair Arthur has when trimming, on each category players can adjust the amount of hair on his face, from a maximum scale of 1-10 (1 being the least amount of hair).

If players visit a Barber, they will also be able to style their hair.

[example pic]



Keeping clean is also important and players can opt to wash themselves and clothes in order not to be off-putting. Players are able to bathe themselves to keep clean, all around the map, and can even pay to be bathed. 



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