Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners

Quest Giver Mayor Henri Lemieux
Region Northwest of Saint Denis
Reqs Finished Chapter 4's “The Gilded Cage” and open Mayor Lemieux's letter
Reward ??

Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners is a Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Stranger Missions are the equivalent of Side Quests, and they unlock as you progress the Story Missions.


Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners Mission Details

The Mayor tasked Arthur to solve some political issues at night with unconventional means.


Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners Objectives

  • Follow and intimidate the targets


Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners Related Characters


Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners Walkthrough

At nighttime (10 PM - 5 AM), head to of Saint Denis to the Mayor's house. After the cutscene, get inside the carriage with the Mayor's assistant (Jean-Marc) and follow the professor from a safe distance until the backyard. Confront him by threatening/beating him to make him change his mind and then return back to Jean-Marc.


Part II

After a few days later from the previous part and reading the Mayor's second letter, again head to his house at night. Upon reaching the coach, hop on it and begin intimidating the man inside. Report back to the Mayor the next night.


Part III

This time, the target is Jean-Marc. Confront him, knock him out and carry him back to the mayor's house carefully without getting detected. In the backyard of the Mayor's house, the Mayor wants you to kill Jean-Marc but it is up to you on how you deal with this. By sparing him, you will gain honor but by killing him, you will need to dispose his body in the water and a permanent 10% discount in all Saint Denis shop you can enjoy.


Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners Location Maps RDR2

Starting Map Location


Part II Map Location


Part III Map Location



Notes & Tips

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