Fishing is one of many activities in Red Dead Redemption 2. One of the Trophies as well as one of Stranger Missions requires You to catch 14 legendary fishes and mail them to Jeremy Gill. Here we will try to help You catch them and complete the quest.

How to Catch Legendary Fish

First of all you will need to get three special baits from the Bait Shop in Bayou Nwa near Lagras Lake. Once you get there, purchase Special Lake Lure, Special River Lure and Special Swamp Lure from the shop, each costs $20. In fact, any special lure can be used anywhere to catch a legendary fish, but used the right lure will make it a lot easier. Bait is not needed, so do not select any bait to catch them.

Legendary fish will always struggle a lot and you reel may run out of line, so the best way to stop it and catch the fish is to pull your fishing rod up and reel in very slowly. But don't forget to let it rest for a second or two every now and then or your line may snap.


Legendary Fish Maps RDR2


1. Legendary Bluegill


Located at the Flat Iron Lake, between the shore and and small island south of Clemens Point. Use Special Lake Lure. 

2. Legendary Bullhead Catfish


Located on Sisika Island, to the west of penitentiary. Use Special River Lure.

3. Legendary Chain Pickerel


Located northwest of Flatneck Station, in Dakota River. Use Special River Lure. 

4. Legendary Large Sturgeon


Located below the southern railroad bridge leading to Saint Denis. You have to stand on the bridge in order to catch it so beware of trains. Use Special River Lure. 


5. Legendary Largemouth Bass


Located in San Luis River. Arrive at Lake Don Julio and head southeast to find it. Use Special Lake Lure. 

6. Legendary Longnose Gar


Located in Lagras Lake. Head to northwest tip of Lakay peninsula and fish there. Use Special Swamp Lure. This is the only legendary fish that requires Special Swamp Lure, you can use any other special lure and save $20, but it will be harder to catch it. 

7. Legendary Muskie


Located near lighthouse in Van Horn Trading Post. Fish at the east side of it to find Muskie. Use Special River Lure. 

8. Legendary Perch


Located in Elysian Pool in southwest Annesburg. Use Special Lake Lure. 


9. Legendary Redfin Pickerel


Located in Stillwater Creek to the east of MacFarlane's Ranch. Use Special Lake Lure. 

10. Legendary Rock Boss


Located in Aurora Basin north of Lower Montana River. Use Special Lake Lure. 

11. Legendary Smallmouth Bass


Located in Owanjila Lake to the west of Strawberry. Use Special Lake Lure. 

12. Legendary Sockeye Salmon


Located in Lake Isabella northwest of Grizzlies West. Use Special Lake Lure. 


13. Legendary Steelhead Trout


Located next to the waterfall north of Annesburg, northeast part of the world map. Near Willard's Rest point of interest. Use Special River Lure. 

14. Legendary Catfish

This fish only becomes available after catching and mailing all the other legendary fishes to Jeremy Gill. Wait 1-2 days and go back to Post Office to receive an invitation from Jeremy Gill. Meet him at a hut and you will go to Rio Bravo in New Austin to catch the Legendary Catfish.



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