Litchfield Repeater

Type Rifles
Model Litchfield Repeater
Ammo Repeater Ammo
Magazine Size -
Location -

Litchfield Repeater is a Rifle in Red Dead Redemption 2


In-Game Description


This is the latest up to date creation from the Litchfield Arms Company. It is sleek and solid, and made on the same principle of the previous model, which is to protect man and mare on the frontier against those that ignore the teachings of the God Book to their ultimate peril. Its rapid rate of fire is a joy to behold and infirmed who enjoy the ability to posses the firepower of a dozen muzzle loading muskets.

Utilizing a .44 caliber centerfire metallic cartridge, there is no more accurate and reliable repeating rifle available from any outfitter at this price. Imagine a rifle that you could spend hours shooting all week long without having to reload. It is relief from this kind of worry that allows a man to put his mind to larger tasks like understanding the meaning of the universe or finding a handsome woman fit and stout enough to survive a long winter and produce offspring without an untimely death. Such are the concerns to life on the plains; however with this Repeater from Litchfield at your side you can do no wrong, no matter who you turn the barrel towards.



You will receive it automatically during Chapter 6.



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