Polite Society, Valentine Style

Quest Giver Uncle
Region Horseshoe Overlook, The Heartlands
Reqs Complete Chapter 1
Reward ??

Polite Society, Valentine Style is a Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This is one of the "Main Quests" of the game and players must complete it to advance the Story. Completing Story Missions opens up Stranger Missions as well as additional content throughout the game.


Polite Society, Valentine Style Mission Details

In search of new leads for the gang, Karen, Tilly and Mary-Beth convince Arthur and Uncle to ride out to Valentine with them.



Polite Society, Valentine Style Objectives

  • Return the lost wagon horse to its owner
  • Find Karen within 45 seconds



Polite Society, Valentine Style Related Characters



Polite Society, Valentine Style Walkthrough


Lazy Old Man

To initiate the mission, wake Uncle up from his nap on the cart. Arthur Morgan (you) will force him to make himself useful, and will ask him to go into town with him. Tilly Jackson, Mary-Beth Gaskill, and Karen Jones  overhear their plan to go into Valentine and ask if they can tag along. After a being reluctant to begin with, Arthur agrees and he drives all of them into town on a carriage.


Good Samaritan

Along the way, you come across a man on a wagon that loses control and one of his horses' shackles come undone. You can go up to him and speak with him, then either accept or refuse to help him recollect his horse. If you accept, his horse is not too far away and can be easy brought back by calming it before riding/leading it back to the broken down wagon. He thanks you and you bid him farewell before returning to your carriage and continuing into Valentine. Once you arrive, you drop the girls off and they make their way to the Saloon to find work, while you accompany Uncle to the General Store.



You enter the store and are given the chance to see how stores work, and are able to buy somethings you may need as well. Once you're done, join Uncle outside for a quick drink. A quick drink turns out to be enough to knock Arthur out, and once he wakes up, Mary-Beth appears and tells them about a train carrying rich people from New York is passing by Saint Denis. Before they can get into much more, you notice Tilly and Karen are missing, and Mary-Beth tells you they were trying to rob some drunks. Mary-Beth then sees Tilly being dragged across the street and you spring into action.


Damsels in Distress

You see the man pinning Tilly against a wall and you can choose to defuse the situation or interfere. Either way it ends with you recovering Tilly and leading her back to Mary-Beth and Uncle. You can question her about the situation to find out that the man was somebody that she used to know.

Next, you go to check on Karen in the conveniently-placed hotel right next to where Tilly was assaulted. Enter through the front and speak to the clerk downstairs to find out where she is. Locate the room 2B and you'll hear her screaming. Kick the door down to find a man standing over Karen. He will immediately be confrontational and you have no choice but to knock him out. Once you do, guide Karen back out to the rest of your gang.


No Loose Ends

Once you rejoin everyone else outside, you are questioned by a man on his horse who seems to recognize you from Blackwater. When confronted, he flees on his horse and you give chase on a stranger's horse, and eventually catch up to him when his horse throws him off a cliff and he holds on for dear life. You have the option to save him or let him die. If you kill him, that's the end of it. However if you question him then let him go, he introduces himself as Jimmy Brooks and goes on his way, promising not to tell a soul.

You may now return to the man you borrowed the horse from to gain a little honor, or you can keep it as your own.


Notes & Tips

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