Red Dead Redemption

Quest Giver Our Best Selves
Region Annesberg
Reqs Our Best Selves
Reward -

Red Dead Redemption is a Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This is one of the "Main Quests" of the game and players must complete it to advance the Story. Completing Story Missions opens up Stranger Missions as well as additional content throughout the game.


Red Dead Redemption Mission Details

With John assumed dead, and Abigail captured by Pinkertons, Dutch cuts them loose and rides for Beaver Hollow. Arthur and Sadie head to Van Horn to rescue Abigail.



Red Dead Redemption Objectives

  • Get 7 headshots while covering Sadie from the lighthouse
  • After Sadie is captured, reach Abigail and Sadie within 1 minute
  • Complete with at least 70% accuracy
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items



Red Dead Redemption Related Characters



Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough

The mission automatically kicks off after Our Best Selves - a cutscene begins with the gang returning back to camp and Tilly approaches with Jack on horseback saying that the Pinkertons have taken Abigail to a boat and is set to be murdered. Dutch sends his regards while Micah suggests to ride off and leave her, without thinking twice he rides off with Micah and leaves Arthur behind with Sadie, Tilly, and Jack. Arthur then gives Tilly some cash and instructs her to wait for Sadie and Abigail at Copperhead Landing.

Now, follow Sadie as you make your way to save Abigail - as you ride along, the two will have a conversation and once you're close to Van Horn pier, another cutscene starts. Sadie insists that Arthur should cover her while she gets Abigail and eventually, he agrees. Make your way to the top of the lighthouse and position yourself to cover Sadie. Use your gun to scout the area for the enemies and use Dead-Eye as well to highlight their bodies for it to be easier to spot them.

Once you start to shoot, Sadie will fight her way through the pier - make sure you clear a path and cover her or you will fail the mission if she is killed. When Sadie makes her way to Van Horn Trading Post, she will get captured and Arthur runs to their aid.


Rescue Mrs. Adler and Abigail

Arthur Morgan (you), will now make his way to the pier - more enemies will appear, so kill them as you push forward the same path Sadie took. Once you've arrived at Van Horn Trading Post, enter the building and Dead-Eye will automatically be activated to quickly shoot down two men. A cutscene will follow where Arthur goes to Abigail but is ambushed by Mr. Milton.

Watch the cutscene as Mr. Milton unfolds the truth about Micah Bell. Arthur will pretend to cough uncontrollably and tries to grab Mr. Milton's gun. Quickly mash the button to fight back and just at the last moment, Abigail shoots Mr. Milton at the head.  Now, leave the building and gun down two men on horseback - Sadie will then maneuver one of the horse and she will instruct you to ride with her leaving you the job to eliminate any pursuers. Escape with the two women and fend off the incoming enemies.

Now, as you escape, make sure you listen to Sadie as she tells you which direction the men will come from. Also, keep an eye on your map to anticipate their positions - after you've killed most of the enemies, Arthur will tell them to stop and he gets off the horse. During an emotional conversation, he tells Abigail to ride with Sadie and to head back to her son. Before the two rides off, Abigail gives Arthur a key to Dutch's chest.

Arthur then sends off the women, leaving him to confront Dutch and Micah - press x/a to ride as you'll automatically go to Dutch's camp.


The Confrontation

Once you've arrived at the camp, a cutscene will begin - as Arthur confronts the two, John appears from the woods and accuses Dutch of leaving him. One of the men will then alert everyone that more Pinkertons are on their way and Micah decides to shoot Ms. Grimshaw during a standoff.

The Pinkertons arrive in pursuit forcing the gang to fight back, take cover and help John kill some of the pursuers and follow him into the cave once the game prompts you to - keep up with him, kill any enemy you encounter and eventually, you'll make it outside through the woods. Arthur will tell John that his family is safe with Sadie at Copperhead Landing and reminds him to move forward and not look back.

After the cutscene, you'll be riding with John through the forest to escape the Pinkertons and Dutch and his gang. Unfortunately, Arthur and John's horse get shot and you will be left to fend off the shooters. A cutscene starts where Arthur will comfort his horse and thank him before he dies - you will then be left with a choice to either (A) Help John Get To Safety or (B) Return For The Money. 


(A) Help John

After you've chosen to help John, follow him up the rocks as you fight your way through the enemies - after killing most of them, another cutscene starts where Arthur instructs John to escape without him while he stays and fends off the pursuers. Once you've cleared most of them, Arthur gets ambushed by Micah where the two end up with a fistfight.

Now, simultaneously press the corresponding buttons to block Micha's punches and to break free from his chokehold - once you've broken free, continue beating Micah and block his attacks until another cutscene starts.

During the scene, Arthur is beaten and you are prompted to crawl towards the gun until Dutch appears. The cutscene continues with Arthur trying to reason with Dutch that Micah's a rat but doesn't listen, while Micah convinces Dutch to leave with him and says that they made it, but Arthur retaliates and says John has won and that the rest of them didn't. Dutch and Micah leave in opposite directions, leaving Arthur to die peacefully as he watches the sunrise.

An alternate ending can also be unlocked depending on the choices made and honor gained throughout the game, where the cutscene starts the same with the Dutch and Micah fighting and ends with Micah shooting Arthur in the face, leaves and laughs about it.

A cinematic will continue where it picks up a few years in Epilogue Part I - The Wheel


(B) Return For The Money

If you've chosen to return for the money, it starts off with Arthur giving his hat to John and tells him to leave. Driven by revenge, Arthur calls out to Dutch and Micah to come after him - fend your way through the forest, kill the incoming thugs and push forward to the camp. You'll then find the camp is set on fire.

When you arrive, head towards the cave where you and John escaped earlier and look for the money. Follow the yellow dot where it will lead you to a wagon, you will need to move the boxes and pull out the chest that is under the wagon - after you've taken the bag, leave the cave and prepare for a fight with Micah. The moment you step out of the cave, Micah will jump on Arthur and he will plunge a knife to his stomach., fight him until another cutscene starts.

The cutscene starts with Micah plunging half of his knife through Arthur's chest. Dutch appears and Arthur tries to convince him to kill Micah. Dutch also leaves the two and ends with Micah killing Arthur.

A cinematic will continue where it picks up a few years in Epilogue Part I - The Wheel


Notes & Tips

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