Sadie Adler

Nickname(s) Mrs. Adler
Status Outlaw, Bounty Hunter
Years Active YYYY-YYYY
Cause of Death -
Location Colter, Ambarino
Affiliation(s) Van Der Linde Gang

Sadie Adler is a Supporting Character in Red Dead Redemption 2


General Information

A widow who is hell-bent on taking revenge upon those who killed her husband. Relentless and afraid of nothing and no one. The wrong woman to cross, but very loyal to those she loves.


Early Life

Married to Jake Adler, the two resided in a ranch to an abandoned site of Colter in Ambarino. Since then, they took the responsibility of taking care of the ranch and lived a joyful marriage.


1899-1911: Red Dead Redemption 2

In 1899, the Adler's ranch was attacked by the members of the O'Driscoll gang. Her husband, Jake Adler was murdered and his body was left to rot while Sadie hid in the cellar to avoid the same demise. A few days after the incident, the Van Der Linde Gang stumbled upon the Adler Ranch in search for supplies. Arthur Morgan, Dutch Van Der Linde, and Micah Bell killed the O'Driscolls and rescued Sadie. Despite the gang's status for being wanted, she decided to join the gang in hopes to avenge her husband's death. Later throughout the story, she was able to have her revenge by stopping the O'Driscoll's attempt to save their leader Colm from his death sentence.



Following the events after her last mission with Arthur Morgan, she aids the Marston family and keeps her promise to watch over them as Arthur's request. Not only does she stop Colm's escape but she was also able to clear out the remaining O'Driscolls. Sadie later decides to be a bounty hunter, escapes the life of being an outlaw, and stays with the Marston family.



  • "Nobody's taking nothing from me ever again."


  • Sadie comes out to be a relentless person, but she has a soft spot when it comes to Arthur Morgan.


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