Smoking and other Hobbies

Quest Giver Phineas T. Ramsbottom
Region Flatneck Station, The Heartlands
Reqs Chapter 2 after completing the main mission "Who is not without Sin"
Reward $200 for finding all 12 cards in a single set

Smoking and other Hobbies is a Stranger Mission is Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Stranger Missions are the equivalent of Side Quests, and they unlock as you progress the Story Missions.


Smoking and other Hobbies Mission Details

Arthur meets a man that has an obsession with collecting Cigarette Cards  and is offered a grand pay, in exchange for all complete card sets.



Smoking and other Hobbies Objectives

  • Find all 144 Cigarette Cards (12 sets, 12 cards each set)



Smoking and other Hobbies Related Characters



Smoking and other Hobbies Walkthrough


Chain Smoker

Arthur Morgan (you) meet Phineas T. Ramsbottom at the Flatneck Station in The Heartlands. You notice the abundance of cigarettes and he tells you all about his Cigarette Card obsession and the value of them. Intrigued by the money, you're told to retrieve all complete sets of cards to him to reap a great reward. He gives you his card then heads off on the train.


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Notes & Tips

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