The Artist's Way

Quest Giver Charles Châtenay
Region Northeast of Saint Denis
Reqs Finished Chapter 4's “The Joys of Civilization”
Reward The drawings from Charles

The Artist's Way is a Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Stranger Missions are the equivalent of Side Quests, and they unlock as you progress the Story Missions.


The Artist's Way Mission Details

The Stranger Charles Châtenay, is a French painter and casanova.


The Artist's Way Objectives

  • Keep Charles safe



The Artist's Way Related Characters



The Artist's Way Walkthrough

You will first encounter Charles Châtenay in a Saloon in northeast of Saint Denis.


Part II

Wait for a day for the second encounter. Charles can be found in an alley. Deal with the man threatening Charles.


Part III

Wait for another day for the third encounter, then pay him a visit on his exhibition at the art gallery in Saint Denis during daytime. Help him with the fight and walk with him.


Part IV

Wait for 2 days this time, Charles could be seen dressed up as a lady at the gunsmith in Saint Denis. You need to escort him to the port while avoiding men looking for him. Upon reaching to the ship, take out the men attacking you both.

You will need to escort him to the docks. As you arrive to the ship, you will be attacked by a few men. Take them out whichever way you like.



After waiting for another 2 days, you will receive a letter from Charles.

The Artist's Way Location Maps RDR2


The Artist's Way Starting Map


The Artist's Way Map 2


The Artist's Way Map 3


The Artist's Way Map 4



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