The Mercies of Knowledge

Quest Giver Prof. Andrew Bell III
Region Northeast of Saint Denis
Reqs Finished Chapter 4's “The Joys of Civilization”
Reward Honor

The Mercies of Knowledge is a Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Stranger Missions are the equivalent of Side Quests, and they unlock as you progress the Story Missions.


The Mercies of Knowledge Mission Details

The Stranger Prof. Andrew Bell III, is a professor.

The Mercies of Knowledge Objectives

  • Help the professor get moonshine


The Mercies of Knowledge Related Characters


The Mercies of Knowledge Walkthrough

Prof. Andrew Bell III can be found in the northeast of the city in Saint Denis.


Part II

Make your way to the train station in Rhodes and ask the clerk Alden, about the moonshine delivery.


Part III

In you bag, read the note and make your way to Bluewater Marsh where the moonshine will be transported. Take the out guards and drive the wagon back to the professor.


Part IV

Head to the police start and speak to the chief to get a permit. You can haggle the payment down to $50.


Part V

Return back to the professor, he then wants you to look for a potential candidate (Wilson McDaniels on the Wanted-Poster) for the electrical chair execution.


Part VI

In your bag, read the poster to find the McDaniels which is located northwest of Emerald Station. Take out his partners, chase him and using the lasso to capture him.


Part VII

Wait for a day, head to northeast in Saint Denis where the execution will be held and loot the professor's body in the end.


The Mercies of Knowledge Location Maps RDR2


The Mercies of Knowledge Starting Map


The Mercies of Knowledge Map 2


The Mercies of Knowledge Map 3


The Mercies of Knowledge Map 4


The Mercies of Knowledge Map 5


The Mercies of Knowledge Map 6


The Mercies of Knowledge Map 7



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