Clans in Red Dead Redemption 2 are a feature on the Online Mode.


Clans in RDR2 Online

Clans in RDR2 Online give players a taste of being in a posse with real people. Players can join free roam lobbies that are filled with other people and can start their own clans, or request to join someone else's. Once they are in a gang, their fellow gang members will show up as friendly blips on the mini-map. This allows players to link up with their gang mates and explore the world, partake in co-op missions, or even raise hell on other gangs and outsiders. However this does not mean everyone is going to respect the rules of being in a gang, as friendly fire is sure to be a feature that can leave players feeling a little silly for trusting that sketchy clan member that kept aiming at you and your friends -so be sure to watch your back!

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