Legendary Animals are special collectibles in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). There are a total of 16 animals that players may hunt to obtain special pelts by bringing them to The Trapper and completing their compendium. Legendary hunting is available after Chapter 2.


All Legendary Animals of RDR2


In Chapter 2, Hosea will give you a quest to hunt one of these animals, and then provide you with a general map. You can refer to this map within your Satchel. Navigate to Documents, Maps and then the Legendary Animal Map.


How to Hunt Legendary Animals

Legendary animals are somewhat random spawns, so you may need to reset the area by making a campsite, sleeping, and riding away and back to the location.

  • Make your way to each location provided, and as you approach it be attentive for a crowned icon denoting its proximity. You will see the text: “You have entered Legendary Animal Territory. Hunt this Legendary Animal by finding and inspecting clues”.
  • Once the message shows, press both controller sticks and follow the investigation clues, which seems to be set to about 3 interactions. You can get random clues within the whole area so explore thoroughly.
  • When you spot the animal, marking it with Dead-Eye will make it much easier to defeat.
  • After defeating it, head to The Trapper to obtain your special pelt.


Legendary Animals Maps RDR2





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    • Anonymous

      Do the legendary animals respawn after defeat? I killed the wolf and haven't met the trapper yet or heard of Saint Denis

      • Anonymous

        I have only killed the Bison in new Austin and all I got was the horn i forget if I lost the pelt or something but im just wondering if im screwed or is there a way i can still get the outfits/gear that i need from the bison

        • Anonymous

          Can someone confirm that legendary animals have only one quality of pelt, allowing the use of any weapon desired?

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