New Player Help in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) are located on this page, that helps you understand the basics of the game's mechanics and links helpful resources.


New Player Help Information for RDR2

Listen here, young buck!

If you're reading this, this is most likely your first Rodeo. Don't worry, we got you covered. Listed below are a couple of tips to not only making it out alive in the Wild West, but to savor in all it has to offer.

  • Explore
    • Don't feel restricted to simply completing the campaign. Traverse the various locations, through different landscapes and biomes, as there are always secrets to unearth, and new interactions to uncover.
    • If you care to, take the time to randomly speak to NPCs as they are not just one dimensional body bags with zero personalities anymore. 
  • Use your wits
    • Whether you choose to be honorable or not, be careful of who you mess with as you can get yourself into some massive trouble that may have consequences, either major or minor, on the remainder of your adventure.
  • Bullseye
    • While not always necessary, try to aim for the head in gunfights. This can be a way to practice your accuracy and also to preserve bullets as headshots are a guaranteed one-hit, while other areas may not be. 
    • Don't be afraid to exhaust your Dead-Eye if necessary, as it refills over time and can even be sped up with items from a General Store.
  • Horses
    • Try to own different types of horses that are suited to different types of work. This can result in a more efficient experience and allows you to bond with more of them. 
    • Speaking of which, do not ignore to build a bond between yourself and your horse, which can reap awesome rewards.

Below are more pages on our wiki that you can visit to help you get started, and go more in-depth than the advice just given to you. With all that said, good luck and have fun!


Helpful Pages

  • Controls: Details the basic layout of the controller. 
  • Lore: Understanding 1889 and everything to do with the Wild West.
  • Combat: Explains the basics of combat.
  • Dead-Eye: A trick only the most sharp-shooting gunslingers have in their arsenal.
  • Hunting: It's survival of the fittest.
  • FAQs: How to quit a mission? How to build a bond with your horse? All these and more.
  • Weapons & Outfits: All available 
  • Walkthrough: Live out Arthur's experiences throughout his days with the Van Der Linde Gang
  • New Game Plus: What happens once you finish the main story.

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