Missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 are the main story and side-quests and optional missions that players can participate in to gain in-game rewards.


Missions in RDR2

Strangers & Family

Missions are surely going to make their way back into RDR2, as they were very prominent in the original Red Dead Redemption. Missions, or what some of you may refer to as "Strangers", are various optional side-quests that may or may not impact the main storyline. Previously, missions have varied drastically in tone, objective, difficulty, and reward; and will most likely continue to be the case this time around. Missions can be unlocked in different areas of the massive landscape of RDR2, and can make themselves available for limited periods of time during the main continuity. 

Apart from "Strangers Tasks", new missions separate from the main storyline could include chores and errands for your posse at the Van Der Linde Camp. These may include variations of acquiring food, making deliveries for fellow gang members, transporting allies around, assassinations, or even flower-picking! 

Bounty Hunter

As in the original, RDR2 reintroduces Bounties. Not only as something players can rack up for their crimes, and get hunted, but as a way that they can be the hunter too. Wanted posters can be found all around the world, mainly plastered to the side of Sheriff's Office, or train stations. Different bounties reap different rewards, and require players to double-think approach their hunt. For example: Most bounties that state that they need the person of interest "Dead or Alive", reward a higher bounty for those captured rather than killed, however certain bounties require players to bring in the perpetrator alive. 

Story Missions
Stranger Missions


Story Missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) are located on this page. Story Missions follow the main plot of the game, and are the equivalent of Main Quests in other RPGs. Completing these missions unlocks Stranger Missions and advances the story through Locations. The following are all the Story Quests in Red Dead Redemption 2:


All Story Missions in RDR2



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