Just a Social Call

Quest Giver Mary-Beth Gaskill, Micah Bell
Region Annesberg, New Hanover
Reqs Visiting Hours
Reward -

Just a Social Call is a Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This is one of the "Main Quests" of the game and players must complete it to advance the Story. Completing Story Missions opens up Stranger Missions as well as additional content throughout the game.


Just a Social Call Mission Details

 Arthur meets Dutch and Micah in Annesburg where they are planning to confront Cornwall.



Just a Social Call Objectives

  • Headshot 3 mounted enemies
  • After killing Cornwall, reach the horses within 2 minutes 45 seconds
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items



Just a Social Call Related Characters



Just a Social Call Walkthrough

Bargain with Cornwall

Once you've resumed control of Arthur Morgan, you will be told by Mary-Beth Gaskill that Dutch and Micah have gone to Annesberg. Head over east of camp in Annesburg to meet with Micah Bell who is waiting in an alley, a cutscene starts where Micah gives an unpleasant welcome and Dutch joins you shortly. After the cutscene, follow Dutch and Micah to the river where Dutch eventually says you're making a deal with Cornwall.

Once you've reached the docks, hide behind the crates where another cutscene will start. During the cutscene, a boat will arrive at the docks where you will find Cornwall arguing with the Pinkertons and a business partner, Milton - Dutch eventually pops out of hiding and confronts Cornwall.

Follow Dutch's lead as he tries to bargain with Cornwall for the ship and $10,000 in exchange of letting him live - Cornwall refuses, Dutch shoots him down and starts a gunfight. Keep cover behind the crates and help Dutch eliminate the rest of Cornwall's guards.


Escape The Area

Fight your way to the docks with Dutch as Pinkertons show up in pursuit - continue with following Dutch as you both make your way up to the mining operation where you will meet Micah.

Shoot your way through with Dutch and Micah, where eventually Dutch mentions that the mission was to find some papers that show important information on Cornwall. Once you've reached the other end of the building, Dutch prompts Arthur (you) to shoot the oil wagon to kill multiple enemies at once.

Now, continue outside, free the horses from the coach and use them to escape - follow Dutch and Micah and continue with eliminating the enemies as more show up in pursuit. Keep an eye on your mini-map to help you anticipate the enemy movement.

After you've killed most of the pursuers and have gotten far enough, another cutscene will start - the papers obtained will reveal that Mr. Cornwall has signed a contract between his railroad company and the army, bonds at Cornwall's oil factory and that he is transporting dynamite from the Annesburg mines to Saint Denis. Dutch instructs Micah to look into the dynamite, along with Arthur (you) and Bill - Micah then tells you to meet him at an old house west of Van Horn.

This marks the completion of the mission, coming up is A Rage Unleashed



Notes & Tips

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