Banking, the Old American Art

Quest Giver Dutch Van Der Linde
Region Shady Belle, Bayou Nwa
Reqs Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten
Reward Chapter 5

Banking, the Old American Art is a Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This is one of the "Main Quests" of the game and players must complete it to advance the Story. Completing Story Missions opens up Stranger Missions as well as additional content throughout the game.


Banking, the Old American Art Mission Details

In order to fund their escape and retirement abroad, the gang prepare for one last job, robbing the bank of Saint Denis.



Banking, the Old American Art Objectives

  • Crack the safe without making any mistakes
  • Complete using only sidearms
  • Get 25 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items



Banking, the Old American Art Related Characters



Banking, the Old American Art Walkthrough


One Last Ride

Arthur Morgan (you) approaches Dutch Van Der Linde and Hosea Matthews in the house at Shady Belle. They ask you about the two plans they have thought out, and you agree with Hosea to hit the bank during the day while he creates a distraction. After agreeing on this you all step outside, and before leaving, Dutch galvanizes the whole gang as you ride out for one last job.

As you ride along with John Marston, Javier Escuella, Micah Bell, Charles Smith, Bill Williamson, Lenny Summers, Dutch goes over the plan one last time; it involves Hosea and Abigail Marston creating a distraction while the rest of them walk into the bank. When you all arrive, you hitch your horses across the bank and make your way in after an explosion goes off a couple blocks away.

Everybody tends to their roles, as do you which is to help Dutch in getting the clerk to open the vault. Threaten and beat him until he does, then once you're in, empty all the smaller vaults by cracking them. When you finish, leave the vault room.


Worst Case Scenario

When you come out of the vault, you'll see a flood of Pinkertons and Law Enforcement emerge, with Hosea held captive by none other than Agent Andrew Milton. As always, Dutch tries to talk his way around it but Milton ain't playing games no more and releases Hosea to let him walk a few agonizing steps towards the bank before shooting him in the chest when he turns around. His death brings out the anger in the rest of the group and a firefight ensues. You take cover behind the windows and go to town on the Pinkertons who just killed your friend.

Continue to kill the oncoming Pinkertons until Dutch calls you to the clerk station. He tells you there's no way to leave from the front and gives you dynamite to blow a whole in the right side of the bank. After you do, climb the fire escape ladders all the way up and draw the fire from the Pinkertons, to allow the rest of the gang to climb up. When everyone reaches the upstairs, you'll notice John missing and one of them will tell you he's been arrested.

While the rest of the guys hold off the Pinkertons from the roof, you run over to the other building with Lenny to find an escape route. However Lenny runs too quickly and is shot in the stomach when two Pinkertons come out of a door right in front of you. You go into Dead-Eye and kill them both, but too late. Your gang mates run past you as you check to see if Lenny can survive, and are told you'll die if you don't leave right away. You reluctantly leave him and continue running with your gang mates.

Continue following everyone until Dutch finds a window that's been boarded up and makes an opening for everyone to enter. When you reach the inside, a cinematic will show you all react to the events that just transpired and try to formulate a plan to not get arrested. Dutch suggests to sneak onto a boat nearby at nightfall, so you all rest in the room until then.


No, This is the Great Escape

Upon being woken up, you all leave the room and head down to the streets. Here, you hide behind a train separating you guys from the docks and several Pinkertons. Proceed through the train on Dutch's lead and once inside, hide behind one of the seats to avoid being detected. Once that Pinkerton leaves, exit and continue following Dutch's lead. You'll soon come across two guarding ahead.

You're instructed by Dutch to lure them closer to the water, to allow the group to continue forward. Do this by heading over to the area of interest and while taking cover behind some of the crates, whistle (Up on the D-pad) and continue to be undetected. Once you successfully bring them over, continue forward and another Pinkerton will emerge from the docks on the left. Use this as a way to make it back to the rest of your gang members on the right.

Once you reach them, you see 4 Pinkertons ahead guarding the entrance to the boat on the left. Charles volunteers to distract them while the rest of you run onto the boat and swiftly does so. Run onto the boat after he does and let the cinematic take over. You hide with Dutch under some cargo and he speaks with one of the sailors. The next day he comes back and tells you the captain is okay with you guys stowing away and lets you know the boat is heading for Cuba. You all get acquainted in a room and rest.


Cast Away

You're awaken by a storm and would you believe your luck, the ship is falling apart. You and your gang try to look for an exit but a collapse separates you from the rest of them, forcing you to find another way around. You run around looking for your gang mates and see them in the distance on an escape boat. The state of the boat you're currently on forces you to abandon ship and after some struggle, the screen fades...

You wake up stranded on a beach, pick yourself up and hold the L3/LS up to continue forward, and into Chapter 5.



Notes & Tips

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