Dutch Van Der Linde

Nickname(s) Dutch
Status Outlaw
Years Active -1911
Cause of Death Fall From Height
Location -
Affiliation(s) Van Der Linde Gang

Dutch Van Der Linde is a Central Character in Red Dead Redemption 2


General Information


As the leader of the notorious Van Der Linde Gang, Dutch Van Der Linde is a respected figure amongst his peers and thus is able to contort the wildest of schemes, and still get his posse on board. An idealist and a strong believer in freedom, Dutch saw to take power away from the increasingly oppressive government, and decided to live by the law of the land, banding together a group of followers who he convinced with his ideas. This means they'd take the rules into their own hand: punishing wrong-doers how they saw fit, and supporting individual liberty. 


Early Life

Not much is said about Dutch's early life, however it can be surmised that he grew up poor from his hunger to take from the wealthy and give to the poor, and remove control that the government and the rich have over everyone else. It can also be surmised that despite his family's shortcomings, he was educated.


1899-1911: Red Dead Redemption 2

As the leader of the gang, Dutch is respected and listened to by his peers. However, the development of his views are beginning to turn a few heads within his camp. 



In 1911, on his final mission for Federal Agent Ross Butler in Red Dead Redemption, John Marston tracks Dutch down to an outpost in Tall Trees, with a number of law enforcement officers. They fight their way through Dutch's men then John Dutch engage in a chase sequence through and up a mineshaft. Some words are spoken between the pair as the chase ensues but once Dutch reaches the top, he finds himself on a snowy cliff and his hunter reaches him. Dutch tosses his weapon over the cliff, prompting John to holster his own, then the two exchange a few words before Dutch Van Der Linde says "Our time has passed, John" and drops backwards over the cliff, killing himself. 



  • "This place... ain't no such thing as civilized."
  • "Listen to me! We don't want to kill any of you, but trust me, we will!"


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