Combat in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) discuses the various ways players can engage/be engaged in hostile situations.


Combat in RDR2 

There are many forms of combat in RDR2, and any form of violence falls under this category. The main two forms are: Armed, and Unarmed combat. One is lethal, while the other can be done just for sport or to settle petty disputes. However, most of the conflicts you encounter will resort to some sort of gun warfare which makes understanding how to use firearms a core component in your Red Dead Adventure. 


Handling Firearms

Using your firearms is a fairly easy thing to do in RDR2. By drawing your weapon and pulling down L2/LT, your crosshairs snaps on to the enemy you're aiming at. Strategies will vary depending on the weapon in hand but a great way to preserve bullets and take down enemies quicker, is to aim for their heads and vital areas, which you can uncover using a leveled-up Dead-Eye. Ensuring you have the right weapon for the occasion is also very important; if you have to eliminate the opposition from a range, you would have better luck using a Sniper rifle or a rifle rather than with a handgun, or if you find yourself rushing a room with multiple enemies, you may want to be using a shotgun with to do the job.


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