Arcadia for Amateurs

Quest Giver Albert Mason
Region Southeast of Strawberry
Reqs Unlocked in Chapter 2
Reward Honor

Arcadia for Amateurs is a Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Stranger Missions are the equivalent of Side Quests, and they unlock as you progress the Story Missions.


Arcadia for Amateurs Mission Details

The Stranger Albert Mason, is a photographer taking shots of nature and animals.



Arcadia for Amateurs Objectives



Arcadia for Amateurs Related Characters


Arcadia for Amateurs Walkthrough

He can be found by the river southeast of Strawberry. Talk to him and he then wants us to pose for a photo. At that moment, a coyote steals his bag and you need to chase it. After retrieving the bag, return it back to Albert.

Part II

Wait for two days for the second encounter. Albert can be found northwest of Wallace Station. He is trying to capture a good shot of wolves. The wolves starts attacking and you have to kill them.


Part III

Wait for also two days after the previous encounter. Albert can be found north of Emerald Ranch. Talk to him and ride the wild horses to Albert's direction. He then gifts you a photo of the wolves from your last encounter with him.


Part IV

Wait for another two days for the fourth encounter. Albert can be found east side of Lagras  swamp. Get into the boat with him and row to the 3 highlighted spots for Albert to capture alligator shots.


Part V

The final encounter also need two days. This time, Albert is trying to capture eagles on a cliff and the cutscene begins.


Arcadia for Amateurs Location Maps RDR2


Arcadia for Amateurs Starting Map


Arcadia for Amateurs Map 2


Arcadia for Amateurs Map 3


Arcadia for Amateurs Map 4


Arcadia for Amateurs Map 5



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