Camps in Red Dead Redemption 2 are the base of your operations, where your gang lives and the place you have to visit very often if you want to keep things running smoothly inside your gang. Here we will explain you activities you can perform in your camp.

Camp Morale

Though players can completely ignore their camp and other gang members, its still advised to visit it as often as you can and make sure everyone's happy. To do that you can perform certain actions:

  • Restock supplies and keep them at least in white colour
  • Complete item requests from gang members
  • Upgade the lodging
  • Craft new camp decorations
  • Do chores for the camp
  • Donate money and items to donation box

Its important to keep your gang's morale high, this way they will donate more items and money to the camp and get along way better.

Camp Upgrades

First, to unlock the opportunity to upgrade your camp you need to complete the mission called Money Lending and Other Sins. You can unlock this mission after going through first 5 missions in chapter 2. Once you completed Money Lending and Other Sins, you can find the ledger next to donation box from where you can upgrade your camp.

Arthur's Wagon

From here you can rest, shave, change your outfit, and re-supply (you can find ammo behind Arthu's tent). When you unlock Fast Travel you can also perform it from Arthur's tent.

Upgrade Cost Effect
Start Simple Free Revolver and Pistol Ammunition
Improve Our Offense $60 Repeater Ammunition and Arrows
Restock $8 Refills currently unlocked ammo


Strauss' Wagon

Strauss is gang's doctor and you can come to his wagon to find medicine donated by other gang members.

 Upgrade Cost Effect
Basics Free Stocks basic liquor, Bitters, and Health Cures
Sharpen the Senses $30 Stocks Potent Bitters and Snake Oil
Something with Kick $50 Stocks Premium Liquor and Tonics
Restock $15/$25 Restocks medicine in cart


Dutch's Tent

Dutch's tent is located in the middle of your camp. Donation box and ledger is also near his tent. Dont forget to come by and donate some money to your gang to keep their morale high and upgrade your camp.

Upgrade Cost Effect
Bare-Bone Shelter Free Basic canvas and old furs for warmth
First Things First (Dutch's Tent) $220 Improves Dutch's Tent, inspires gang to contribute more
Next in Line (Arthur's Wagon) $325 Unlocks a map, which you can use to fast travel to previously discovered locations, and unlocks grooming supplies


Pearson's Chuckwagon

Pearson is a cook in your camp. He handles food supplies and utilizies animal parts to upgrade both your camp and your satchel inventory. To unlock more upgrades at Pearson's wagon you have to purchase Leather Working Tools first, you can buy it from the ledger. To unlock certain upgrades, you have to upgrade your camp first of find recipes.

Upgrade Requirement Recipe Effect
Tonics Satchel Leather Working Tools, upgrade Strauss' Wagon two times Perfect Deer Pelt,
Perfect Buck Pelt,
Perfect Elk Pelt
Increases the carrying capacity of all types of Tonics
Ingredients Satchel Leather Working Tools, donate 5 animal carcasses Perfect Deer Pelt,
Perfect Badger Pelt,
Perfect Squirrel Pelt
Increases the carrying capacity of edible Ingredients
Kit Satchel Leather Working Tools, donate 3 Valuables Perfect Deer Pelt,
Perfect Elk Pelt,
Perfect Panther Pelt
Increases the carrying capacity of all types of Kits
Provisions Satchel Leather Working Tools, upgrade Pearson's Wagon two times Perfect Deer Pelt,
Perfect Bison Pelt,
Perfect Raccoon Pelt
Increases the carrying capacity for all types of Provisons
Materials Satchel Leather Working Tools, craft 3 recipes at the Scout Fire Perfect Deer Pelt,
Perfect Boar Pelt,
Perfect Iguana Skin
Increases the carrying capacity for mostly inedible Materials
Valuables Satchel Leather Working Tools, donate $50 Perfect Deer Pelt,
Perfect Beaver Pelt,
Perfect Rabbit Pelt
Increases the capacity for all types of Valuables
Legend of the East Satchel Leather Working Tools, craft all other Satchels   Greatly expands the carrying capacity for all types of items
Arthur's Wagon - Alligator Skull Perfect Alligator Skin 1x    
Arthur's Wagon - Big Horn Ram Skull Perfect Ram Carcass 1x    
Arthur's Wagon - Cougar Pelt Covered Chest Leather Working Tools, Perfect Cougar Pelt    
Arthur's Wagon - Bear Skin Table Cover Leather Working Tools, Perfect Bear Pelt    
Arthur's Wagon - Ox Hide Rug Perfect Ox Hide 2x    
John's Tent - Boar Skin Rug Perfect Boar Pelts 4x    
Camp Tables - Pronghorn Leather Table Tops Leather Working Tools, Perfect Pronghorn Hide    
Chuckwagon - Pronghorn Skull Perfect Pronghorn Carcass    
Main Campfire - Moose Antlers Moose Antler 1x    
Main Campfire - Wolf Skull Perfect Wolf Carcass 1x    
Main Campfire - Snake Skin Banjo Head Leather Working Tools, Perfect Snake Skin 1x    
Main Campfire - Campfire Seat Covers Perfect Beaver Pelt, Perfect Muskrat Pelt, Perfect Fox Pelt    
Main Campfire - Campfire Log Seat Covers Perfect Wolf Pelts 2x    
Main Campfire - Lean-to Cow Hide Ground Cover Perfect Cow Hide 1x    
Scout Campfire - Scout Fire Ground Cover Perfect Goat Hides 2x    
Elk Antlers Elk Antler 1x    
Hanging Bones Buck Antlers 1x    
Essentials Free   Stocks the basics, Bread and Biscuits
Less Bland $30   Stocks fresh Fruit and basic Canned Goods
Some Real Variety $45   Stocks Chewing Tobacco and premium Canned Goods
Restock $15/$25   Replenishes Supplies


Other Upgrades

Extra upgrades you can purchase to improve the quality of life around camp and unlock new upgrades and items.

Upgrade Cost Effect
Horse Station $300 More hitching posts for horses, and allows you bring horses from stables and recall your main horse
Chicken Coop $175 More chickens in camp, bolstering the camp stew to increase Dead Eye boost
Leather Working Tools $225 Allows Pearson to craft more upgrades


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